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Day in Old Mexico & Charreada

Date: Apr 13 - Apr 27, 2014
Location: Charro Ranch
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The Asociación de Charros de San Antonio has been carrying on the tradition of Charrería for more than 60 years. Charrería originated in 19th century as a way for the landed gentry to prepare horses and riders for war, it later evolved into an equestrian competition featuring horse reining, bull riding and artistic roping skills. Today's charros wear the traditional clothes and use horse equipment as required by the Federation of Charros in Mexico. At “A Day in Old Mexico's” Charreada (starting at 3 p.m.) you will see the beloved Escaramuza, made up of young women wearing ranchera dresses and executing precision movements while riding sidesaddle. Come and enjoy delicious Mexican foods and drinks, listen to mariachis and watch the Mexican ballet folklórico entertain. Tickets: adults $15, children 12 and under $3, discounts for senior citizens, active military, law enforcement and firefighters. For more information go to