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Fiesta Lacrosse Tournament

Date: Apr 19, 2014
Location: St. Mary's Hall
High school, junior high and youth teams from across Texas converge to play in the 40th Fiesta Lacrosse Tournament. Lacrosse is not only the oldest game in North America, it is also the oldest team-sporting event in Fiesta. The game was originally played by the great Indian nations of the northeast, hundreds of years before the arrival of the first Europeans. In the original game entire Native American tribes were divided into teams that often contained as many as 2,000 warriors. Goals were placed in villages miles apart, and the players were each given one or two sticks. The stick contained a woven leather pocket on the end with which a ball could be thrown or caught. French missionaries named this game “la crosse” because the shape of the wooden sticks reminded them of a bishop's crosier (staff). Come join the San Antonio Lacrosse Association for this exciting event! Free admission. For more information call (210) 887-5144.