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Fiesta Verde


Fiesta San Antonio, the Alamo City’s biggest, best festival, has gone Green.

The Fiesta® San Antonio Commission took the first steps in 2010 with encouragement and support from Mayor Julian Castro. Efforts and positive results have increased each year.

How you can take part

Just as Fiesta® is for everyone in San Antonio, we want every Fiesta event visitor to get involved with Fiesta Verde. Help us keep our more than 100 official events clean and Green.

  • Look for recycling bins or bags for your bottles and cups.
  • At parades and festivals, put your trash into trash bins and plastic, glass or aluminum into recycling containers.
  • Look for a recycling bag to place programs in after concerts or coronations.
  • Save on fuel costs (and parking hassles!)–take VIA's Park & Ride to major events.
  • Consider taking the bus to other Fiesta events.

With your cooperation, Fiesta San Antonio can become the Greenest festival in Texas!