Papoose Net Worth 2022 – How Much This Rapper Worth?

Papoose Net Worth – $200 million

Shamele Mackie, also known as Papoose, is a celebrated American rapper. He is one of the richest Hollywood rappers with net worth of $200 million dollars.

Papoose (Shamele Mackie)


Net Worth: $200 million
Profession: American Rapper
Born Date: 5 March 1978
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
Spouse: Remy Ma
Children: Dejanae Mackie
Citizenship: American

This 42 years old songwriter was born in Brooklyn, New York.

His keen interest in music led to a life he never needed a vacation from.

Papoose net worth seems begun with his first appearance on Kool G Rap’s album “Roots of Evil” released in 1998.

He later signed a contract of $1.5 million with Jive Records label, currently owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

Unfortunately, this collaboration was terminated due to constant delay of Papoose’s debut studio album “The Nacirema Dream” by Jive Records.

From here he started making his own mixtapes during the years of 2006 to 2013.

His acquired wealth is derived from the sale of mixtapes and reality television.

The studio albums and the collaboration with renowned artist holds a decent portion of his earnings.

He has married to Remy Ma (Reminisce Mackie) in 2008. She is also a famous American rapper and has her influence on the Papoose net worth too.

Career and Its Contribution to Papoose’s Net Worth


Papoose net worth is estimated around $200 million in 2020.

Below are some major life events of this rapper which probably contributed a key role to his current net worth.

  • In 1998 Papoose got his first break in Kool G Rap’s solo album “Roots of Evils”.
  • In 1999 he made a huge jump by announcing his first single “Thug Connection”/ “Alphabetical Slaughter”.
  • His mixtape sales increased rapidly between 2004-2006, and he signed with Streetsweepers Entertainment.
  • He won Justo Mixtape Award for Best Underground Artist in 2005.
  • In the year of 2006 he unlocked two major achievements, one by appearing on the remix “Touch It” by famous Busta Rhymes and second, by signing with Jive Records for worth 1.5 million dollars.
  • In 2013 he released his studio album “The Nacirema Dream”.
  • Papoose released around 28 mixtapes in 2014.
  • In 2015 Papoose and his wife Remy Ma appeared in the reality show VH1 Love & Hip Hop in New York.
  • In the year of 2019 he has released his solo album “Nasty Time”.
  • He has come up with some huge hits like “Tribute”, “Le Grand Cirque”, and “La Cite”, in 2020.

How Much is Papoose Worth?

From the above life events, we can say that Papoose net worth of $200 million is an outcome of his consistent efforts and determination.

He aims to put in authenticity and quality in his music even before commercial success hit him.

Today when the entire world is obsessing over auto-tunes, a little grittiness will never spoil anything.

Papoose also known as Pap, is not an overnight star rather with his sweat and blood in his rap game years he is trying to find a space of his own.

With his cool fashion style, he became a youth icon.

He made various guest appearances like: “Pop the Trunk” by Kay Slay, “Thug Love” by Maino, “Get Paid” by Blink Money, Ray J and Red Café, “Write Cha Name” by Ron Browz, and much more.

He also appeared in a film “Righteous Kill” in 2008.

Huge Hits of Papoose


Below are some of the biggest hits of this American rapper which have earned him good amount of money over the years.

  • Jive Ass Turkey
  • Control
  • First Chain Remix
  • 0 To 100 (Freestyle)
  • It’s Like That Remix
  • 6 A.M. Feat
  • Michael Jackson Feat
  • Versace (Freestyle)

Wrapping it Up

In brief, these are some details that help you to understand how Papoose has made his rapping empire.

However, there are so much more is on the way for coming years. Experts are assuming a steady grow of the Papoose net worth with his future projects and albums.