10 Smart Home Technologies to Utilize for Enhanced Guest Experience

The world is evolving at a fast speed and smart home technologies are now changing how people interact with their homes and vacation rentals. The most basic tech in many rental properties today is the keyless entry adopted by hotels. But sit tight as we are going to surprise you with many other smart home technologies that will enhance the guest experience.

One thing to remember is that most of these technologies are driven by the internet. Therefore, be sure to install fast and reliable internet. For now, let us focus on the popular smart home technologies to install in your rental properties to enhance the guest experience.

1. Voice Assistant

The voice assistant is one of the trending smart home technologies that is transforming how people interact with the home environment. When added to a rental property, guests can open curtains and windows, switch on gadgets such as TV and HVAC, control lights, and do more. It can also browse on some gadgets and even call emergency services when needed.

What more could someone want in an Airbnb rental property? So, take advantage of the voice assistant to stay ahead of other hosts.

2. Keyless Entry

Smart locks started becoming popular in the hotel industry, where guests use a programmed card to open and close their rooms. This not only enhances security and convenience but also provides data for making decisions. Today, more advanced smart locks are used by Airbnb hosts and other rental property owners for security and convenience.

All that a guest needs to do is set a password of their choice on the smart lock to use during their stay. They may have other features such as fingerprint readers, which are even better. With such a lock in your rental property, the guests will forever feel secure.

3. Smart Minibar

Do you want to offer some drinks and snacks to your guests? If yes, then a smart minibar is the best option. They are equipped with sensors to charge the guests automatically when they remove something from them. Therefore, a lot of programming, automation, and synchronization is needed to make them functional.

A smart minibar will not only enhance the guest experience in your Airbnb property but also increase your revenue as you get to sell the drinks and snacks at a profit. It is a great way to make money on Airbnb today.

4. Smart Thermostat

Source: tomsguide.com

What does a smart thermostat do? This is another technology that is revolutionizing how guests regulate the temperature at home or in short-term rentals. You should have one in your rental property to give your guests more convenience.

Accordingly, they can control the HVAC using voice commands or a mobile app or, better still, set it to auto to manage the temperature depending on the weather. Investing in such a smart technology may seem unnecessary, but it can make a difference especially if your rental properties are in areas with extreme temperatures.

5. Smart Lighting

One notable thing is that almost every home gadget can be programmed or automated. Right now, you can have a central command system for the lights so that guests do not have to worry about power management.

They can control lights in all rooms from an app on their phones or even through the voice commands we just discussed. Apart from enhancing guest experience, this will also reduce power bills for you. So, make sure that your properties have modern smart power management solutions.

6. Smart TV

A smart TV is the most underrated smart home technology today. After all, almost every modern home has one. Guests in your vacation rentals will enjoy taking advantage of a smart TV by giving it voice commands to change channels, open streaming services, browse the web, and do more.

Ensure that your smart rental homes have the latest smart TV with not only high-definition output but also an easy-to-operate interface.

7. Wireless Charging

Whether you place one on the main table, bedside table, or on the reading desk, it is good to have one in your rental property. This smart technology allows guests to charge their phones, tablets, and other devices that support wireless charging. This level of convenience will encourage guests to come again and recommend you.

8. Smart Appliances

Source: spencerstv.com

Most Airbnb properties, if not all, provide fully equipped kitchens and access to other appliances. This is what makes such rental properties different from hotel rooms. As a host, it is good to provide smart appliances such as refrigerators, laundry machines, dishwashers, and more.

These appliances bring a lot of convenience to guests, thus enhancing their stay in your property. There are high chances of guests mentioning them when writing reviews, which is a great marketing strategy. With this, you can rest assured that you will get more customers.

9. Smart Plugs and Outlets

Another great smart home technology to consider is the smart outlet or plug. Frequently, these can be controlled by voice commands. The devices allow the guests and even the hosts to control appliances and other devices from a remote location using an app.

When guests have checked in, it is good to give them control of these outlets so that they can manage the appliances when they go out.

10. Smart Cameras

Do you want to add an extra layer of security to your rented home? Well, smart cameras with motion detectors and two-way audio can change the guest experience in your rented properties. All cameras should be installed outdoors in a place where they are visible, and guests should be made aware that they are there.

This gives them a sense of security while also enjoying privacy. Smart cameras can be managed by the host or security management companies but should not be left to guests. After all, they are outdoors.


Would you like to install any of these smart home technologies in your vacation rental properties? It is a great way to enhance the guest experience and make more money in the end. In fact, many of the guests request these or even check if they are available before booking a vacation rental. The good thing is that you can add one at a time until your properties are fully smart.