White Label Casino: What’s It All About?

Today, gambling is considered one of the most promising and profitable areas. A huge number of people with an entrepreneurial soul are avid about the idea of making money through the establishment of an online gambling platform. On the face of it, it appears that this is a long and very expensive process.

If we are talking about creating a site from scratch, this is definitely a lot of financial and time costs. The best alternative is to buy a whitelabel casino.

White Label Casino: A Bit of Theory

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White Label is a special type of partnership, which implies a strict delimitation of the activities of the participants. One company produces a product, another sells it under its own name. Moreover, the scheme allows you to set different prices for the same name, saving on the project launch process.

Initially, the program originated in the music industry. American record corporations began releasing blank label vinyl records, with merchandise sellers putting their own branding on them. Later, the tactic was adopted by the financial and IT sectors.

As an example, consider the issuance of White Label cards for small banking institutions (the service is provided by large banks in Australia and the United States) in order to save on the production of a personal product. If we talk about the gambling industry, White Label online casino is a convenient and easy opportunity to launch your own project with a minimum starting capital.

How Online White Label Casino Works

An affiliate program can be compared to the creation of a turnkey gambling platform. White Label represents the purchase of a business that is fully ready for launch. The operator only needs to draw up a contract and make a profit, taking minimal participation in the work processes.

The partner providing the service is responsible for developing the site, installing software products, choosing popular games, integrating payment systems, and working with technical support and feedback.

This type of cooperation has a lot of advantages (more on that later in the article) and benefits both parties. The White Label online casino operator has access to all the necessary tools for starting, promoting and making a profit, and the “parent” company has a stable percentage of the establishment’s income.

White Label Casino: List of Key Components

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Activities in the White Label format provide for a range of services and products that are offered to a beginner in the gambling business:

License – A novice entrepreneur does not need to personally issue a permit for the provision of gambling services. As a rule, the stage of independently obtaining a license requires quite significant financial and time costs, plus competent legal support is required.

Website and Platform – The package of services includes basic software, which includes a full set of site management tools.

Game Content – The white label casino platform is filled with software by the “parent” company. A businessman does not need to independently conclude agreements with developers.

Server – The White Label casino is hosted by default on a server with a high-level and multi-structured security system. Clean brand corporations care about their reputation and invest in all potential steps and means to guarantee the untroubled operation of the site.

Payment systems – White Label online casino is equipped with a set of the most popular payment systems that guarantee the safety of participants and an acceptable speed of transactions.

Technical Support – The operator receives competent advice on any business issues and can count on the most prompt elimination of various problems in the activity of the resource.

Prices and Revenues

The cost of a White Label casino depends on numerous settings that the operator chooses on an individual basis (payment systems, license type, game content, and so on). For example, a supplier offers about 2,000 slots – it is not necessary to buy the entire range at once.

As a rule, the price of a White Label online casino starts at $10,000. However, in today’s market, you can often find solutions that are provided at the expense of future site revenues.

The initial price for the White Label casino platform may change if additional services are ordered (for example, the provision of marketing tools, the development of an individual design, the work of a translator, etc.).

When buying a casino under the White Label scheme, the future owner of the establishment can count on income in the amount of 40-60% of the total revenue of the gambling establishment.

List of Benefits

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A ready-made business in the White Label format combines the following advantages.

Quick and easy access to the gambling market. You can start the project just a couple of days after the conclusion of the contract. The client gets the opportunity to provide gambling services without wasting time on buying a license, software and building a common strategy. It is necessary to spend time only on inventing your own brand and exclusive site design.

Minimum cost. Buying a White Label casino from the “parent” company is an incommensurable savings compared to launching it on your own. The operator does not need to personally negotiate the purchase of games and betting products, the integration of payment systems and a host of other thematic solutions.

Zero risk of big wins. This is actually one of the principal factors of the profitability to open a White Label casino. It is mandatory in the cooperation agreement that the jackpots in the institution are paid by the “parent” company. The business owner is obliged to pay only bonuses and prize funds (moreover, the amounts are initially fixed by the terms of the contract).

Quality software. According to experts, large providers are very reluctant to contact unknown or just starting to develop brands. Accordingly, with the independent purchase of software, difficulties may arise. Online casino White Label is a well-thought-out assortment of gambling solutions, in which each game is guaranteed to bring a good income.

Professional technical support. All issues of providing the platform fall on the shoulders of the “parent” company. The operator only shows gain.