8 Reasons Why Off-Roading Vehicles Are So Popular

From the original Willy’s Jeep to the latest electric SUVs, off-roaders have been a massive hit across America. Over the last half century, these go-anywhere vehicles have become part of the automotive culture of the nation. It is estimated that the off-roading vehicle industry globally, is worth more than $12.3 billion.

The terrains usually consist of unpaved surfaces of rocks, sand, snow, ice and more that your average car would struggle to run through. Whether you like taking your mountain bike into the woods in the back of your truck or making an ultimate style statement with TIS rims for off-roading, 4×4 vehicles have been among the coolest objects you can own for several generations now.

Here are eight top reasons why off-roaders are so popular:


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Off-roaders are designed to handle all sorts of surfaces – including rocky landscapes, snow and ice, dirt roads, and challenging sandy trails. The prime weapons they use to do this of course are their higher ground clearance and the extra traction of four-wheel drive. Depending on which brand or model you purchase, you can buy add on packs and accessories to create a more versatile vehicle.

Another nifty feature of off-roading vehicles that make them appealing is their low ground pressure. This can be handy when driving on soft ground, especially if you have a family and find yourself having to navigate on a beach as it reduces the amount the vehicles sinks into the ground.

Outdoor Adventure

The US offers so many different wonderful outdoor adventure opportunities, like national parks, forests, mountains, deserts, and icy wildernesses – it’s a huge incentive to get a vehicle that can cope with those environments.

Ordinary cars can’t take you through the woods or mountains, the same way off-road vehicles can. This is due to their overall engine power being complimented with their traction control. This is especially seen in winter conditions as you are more likely to see a 4×4/ SUV making it up the more treacherous roads and you are more likely to see average cars abandoned at the side of the road in those conditions.

Towing and Hauling Capacity

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Trucks and SUVs also have impressive towing and hauling capacities that make them suited for towing trailers, boats, or carrying any heavy loads.

Their robust design and generally more powerful engines help them to handle this work or lifestyle requirements. Take whatever you want, wherever you want.

This can become especially handy when out in rough terrain, if you find yourself having to tow another car or winch it out of a bad situation.


Off-roaders offer a sense of security for their occupants due to their apparently sturdy construction, high seating position and enhanced visibility. This makes them popular with families, outdoor enthusiasts and people in rural or remote areas.

Because of their raised designs, drivers sit in a high commanding position with an all-round view of the road. Climbing up into a passenger seat also generated a feeling of lofty security.

Marketing and Cultural Influence

The marketing efforts by the vehicle manufacturers, and by the media too, have helped promote off-road vehicles. They are continually highlighting the ruggedness, adventure, and freedom they offer. This is typically appealing to the majority of America, as it is estimated that 33.2% of America is forest area and 24% consists of mountainous landscapes.

The go-anywhere portrayal of off-road vehicles in movies, TV shows, and popular culture has influenced their aspirational value too. Not to mention the off-roading vehicles you see in everyday life, used especially by construction workers. This off-roader is typically a Ford. This is due to their work capability and reliability overtime.

Customization and Personalization

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Off-roaders are perfect belongings for their owners to make specific modifications for style or work reasons. This can mean adding extras such as lift kits, larger tires, specialized lighting, winches, roof racks, and even cool seats and an up-rated stereos.

The ability to personalize vehicles attracts enthusiasts wanting to create a vehicle that gives them a unique off-road experience.

Family friendly

With big spacious cabins and easily accessed load areas, SUVs are perfect for providing family adventures. They’re big, well-equipped and comfortable places to spend some time.

It opens up a world of possible outings for families, like camping, hunting, fishing, and beach expeditions. Parents love the idea that they can go exploring anywhere, anytime, with their kids.

SUVs are also perfect for ensuring your families safety. The safety features range from the LATCH system which ensure your car seats are even more secure than before and due to the typical size of an SUV your family will be safer in the events of a collision due to the height advantage.

Sense of safety

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These are generally up-market vehicles so more and more off-road vehicles are fitted with advanced safety features. These can range from high-powered brakes to anti-skid traction control. In some cases, they may not actually be any safer than regular cars – but they certainly feel safer.

These reasons are why 4×4 SUVs and trucks have accounted for a significant portion of US vehicle sales in the last three decades.

SUV and truck sales in the U.S. have been steadily increasing. They have now overtaken sedans, people carriers and station wagons in sales figures.

Models like the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, Chevrolet Silverado Z71 and Toyota 4Runner have become enormous sellers, eclipsing many standard saloon models. These were specifically bought for their reliability, longevity and the power they emit, physically and in a social setting. As it is seen a lot of the time, as the bigger the object the more expensive it was, symbolling wealth and power all in one, through just the vehicle you drive.

Off-roading specifically has gained popularity as an activity in its own right. It now has dedicated off-road parks, events, and clubs.

At the same time the popularity of outdoor recreation is booming across the US. More than 50% of Americans now regularly participate in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing… and, of course, off-roading.