Is Zambian Kevin Hart Look Alike Real: Photos and Videos

Kevin Hart Look Alike

Last year in 2020, Kevin Hart was shocked knowing that he has a Zambian doppelganger that goes viral on TikTok for having a striking resemblance to him.

However, it raised questions and confusions among Hart’s fans that the Zambian Kevin Hart look alike is real or he is playing with some face filters. After watching his videos and photos multiple times we have found that he is a real person and not using any face filters to create an impersonation of Kevin Hart.

Even Hart’s expressed his thoughts about his look-alike during his interview with the Charlamagne tha God –

This guy actually looks like me. It’s not a joke. My brother, it looks exactly like we were birth from the same woman. I thought he was playing with a filter but that’s him. That’s the second time I’ve seen it.

Check out Kevin’s response for having a doppelganger

Who is Kevin Hart Look Alike?

Kevin Hart is one of the popular and richest Hollywood comedians and having a resemblance to him will surely make anyone popular. And the same thing happened with a Zambian man named John.

He went viral overnight on TikTok for publishing videos in which he was showing imitating the American Comedy star.

John has a TikTok profile under this username @arabmoney44 and he has now 10.6k and more followers with 70 thousand and more likes on his videos. John doesn’t have any other social media presence except TikTok.

He basically identifies him as an environmentalist but his videos are too often making renditions from his country. Though his actual location is still unknown, besides people are guessing that he is from Zambia because he used the #Zambia hashtag too often in the captions of his posts.

Photos of Kevin Hart Comparison with His Zambian Doppelganger

Kevin Hart Twin Look Alike

Videos of Kevin Hart Doppelganger

Below are some of the most viral videos of Zambian Kevin Hart Look alike which are trending on TikTok –


Kevin Hart’s Fans’ Reactions on Twitter

Though Kevin Hart Doppelganger is on TikTok, but his videos went viral among Hart’s fans on Twitter as well. Below are some of the comments from Hart’s fans on Twitter for finding a guy who looks like a Kevn Hart Twin from Zambia –