Natalie Zea- Biography and Fun Facts

Natalie Zea is a popular television actress who has a huge fan following. She is part of different television series and movies such as “The Detour” and “The Dirty Sexy Money”.

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In this article, we are going to discuss her biography and some appealing life and fun facts.

Age and Height of Natalie Zea


The age of Natalie Zea is currently 48 as she was born on March 17, 1975. Her height is 5.5 feet which is 165 cm.

Early Life

The American actress was born in Houston, Texas on the bright morning of March. Her parents’ names were Danny and Jennifer Lea Zea. The parents and grandparents were professional chiropractors.

In her teen years, her parents split. They both moved to the United Kingdom and started their new families there. So, she spent a large part of her life in the UK too.


She graduated from Monahans, Texas in 1993. In those years, she got interested in performance arts. So, for further education, she enrolled herself in the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. From there, she completed her graduation in 1995.

Career in Television Series


Her career kickstarted immediately after the completion of her graduation. But, for a brief period, she did a few odd jobs to make money. For example, she was the hostess at Planet Hollywood in New York during the summer.

Her acting career started in the theater. She was part of the theater for a long time while she auditioned for different roles in television and movies.

In the off-broadway productions, she started appearing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Three Sisters.

Her on-screen career started in 1999 with the title Macbeth in Manhattan. In the same year, she appeared in a movie named Lucid Days in Hell.

In 2000, her television career started. She played a guest role in various episodes of the series “D.C”.

In the same year, her career went up when she was hired for a major role in “Passions”. She did the role till 2002 as an independent business woman in this series.

Then, until 2007, she played different guest and recurring roles in various series and movies. Some of them are “The Shield”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Eyes”, “Just Legal”, “Freddie”, etc.

In 2007, her career again took a flight from the series “Dirty Sexy Money“. She did 23 episodes in the series until 2009.

After that, she played prominent and remarkable roles in different series. Some of these are “Justified”, “The Following”, “Under the Dome”, “The Rebels”, and “Californication”.

In recent years, her famous series are “Members Only” and “The Detour”. She was also the director of two episodes of The Detour.

Career in Movies


Her career in movies was not as successful as in the series. Her fame kept growing in television series but it practically halted in the movie world.

In the ’90s era, there were no remarkable movies of her. From 2000 to 2010, she was seen making guest appearances in different movies.

In 2010, she participated in a supporting role in “The Other Guys“. This movie gained a lot of success. After that, in 2011, she earned her first leading movie role.

The film was “InSight” but it was a failure. This movie flopped so it didn’t do much good to Natalie.

After that, she appeared in a lot of short films such as “Method” and “The Sexy Dark Ages”. You can watch these movies to see her remarkable performance in them.

Personal Life

Zea is married to Travis Schuldt and is the mother of a boy, Reygan. She started dating Travis when she was working on “Passions”. Both were co-stars there so they became close to each other.

They dated for almost ten years, and in 2014, they married in Hawaii. In October 2015, she gave birth to her baby.

She donated the money from the baby shower to the “Because I’m a Girl” charity.

5 Fun Facts about Natalie Zea

  • She started taking drugs in her late teen years.
  • She is a dedicated pet owner.
  • She loves reading books and different types of literature.
  • She has a great sense of humor.
  • She loves traveling the world.


This is the whole biography of Natalie Zea. It told us that she is a successful television actress, and has bad luck regarding movies.

She is a lovely and jolly woman who has a stable family life. We hope this article has enhanced your information about this actress.

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