Nine Months Pregnant Fitness Model Sarah Stage Shocks Friends!


Sarah Stage has recently revealed her stripped-down bikini pic showing she’s nine month pregnant with ripped abs and almost no baby bumps.

It’s sparked a huge debate over how healthy it is for a woman to have ripped abs and no visible baby bump even in the last month of pregnancy.

Sarah Stage is a fitness star over Instagram from Los Angeles, has shocked friends with her gorgeous bikini pic over Instagram post.

She is a mum of one baby boy and ready to give birth her second child on coming 22nd October. But from her stunning bikini pose, you’d never think of that she is going to birth her second child in just two weeks.

Here is her real Instagram post;

“Stay patient and enjoy your journey! (one of my fav quotes at the moment) #9monthspregnant”.


However, some of friends have showed their worry about her and baby’s health in comments.