Bill Condon’s “Beauty and the Beast” Is Doing Monsutrous Business

The Beauty Emma Watson and the Beast Dan Stevens movie “Beauty and the Beast” made a huge success on their first weekend.

The movie directed by Bill Condon was out for North America and other parts of the globe. This movie is the remake of Disney’s 1991 Classical Animated Musical movie.

Within North America, in the weekend it grabbed $174.8 million and $182.3 million was from other countries. Only from the weekends it broke records by making $357.1 million and topped charts worldwide.


Leaving Others Behind

Beauty and the Beast created a phenomenal change giving a major start for any PG titled movie all around the world. It kept other movies behind like Finding Dory ($135 million), Batman vs. Superman ($166 million), Iron Man 3 ($174.1 million) for domestic weekend release. The movie topped charts in many countries and going to remain there for a quite number of times. The mixture of different talents is seen deliberately in the movie. Where Alan Horn Disney studio chairman, Sean Bailey: Warner Bros production chief with British Actress Emma Watson did everything to bring the magic of the classical movie back into life.

Controversial Factor

The movie was having negative issues in the starting. It all began when it was revealed that one Character “GAD” is “GAY”. This made few parents angry and they strictly didn’t want their kids to see it. The Malaysian Censor board also demanded Disney to cut any Gay scene in the movie. But the directors of the movie stated that cutting will not bring any change to the story of the movie.

Delight to Watch

In spite of the controversies about 40 percent of the audience of males packed the halls. More than half of the audiences were Adults and teenagers. Overall movie is built for every age group even thou it has a PG title to it. It is a great delight to see families coming together and enjoying the movie sitting altogether.

What is More to Come?

The movie is set to bring back the magic of old Classical that we enjoyed a lot. The Mix of new and old songs kept the audience entertained. The Story is not changed and all the essence is kept the same. In the coming weekend, there will be much more earnings to grab for the Beast who fell in love with a beauty.