Economic Impact of Fiesta San Antonio

During Fiesta 2007 the Fiesta San Antonio Commission hired an outside contractor to conduct an economic impact study.

economic impact of fiesta sa

Intercept interviews were done at six major Fiesta events. Surveyors asked questions about:

  • How much people had spent at an event.
  • How far they had come.
  • Demographic information.

The results were compiled, and the information showed that Fiesta San Antonio generated an impact of some $284 million for the local economy. That figure included money that participants spent on event admission, food, souvenirs and more.

It also includes purchases in San Antonio on the way to or from Fiesta events. For example, a family coming from out of town might stay in a hotel, rent a car, eat at restaurants and visit other local attractions.

The study also showed that San Antonio receives about $4 million in city sales tax because of Fiesta.

During the study, it was found that 88% of Fiesta San Antonio attendees indicated that they were Hispanic. This percentage is adjusted for event attendance, and breaks down per event as follows: