Fiesta & the City of San Antonio

Fiesta® San Antonio and the City of San Antonio are closely interlinked. Scholars have said that the history of the festival reflects the history of the city. But there’s much more.

In recognition of this close association, the San Antonio mayor and City Council issue a Fiesta proclamation each April.
  • City police are involved in Fiesta in many ways, including parades.
  • The 100 nonprofit organizations that put on Fiesta events are located throughout the city.
  • The Fiesta® San Antonio Commission represents those nonprofits when coordinating Fiesta® arrangements with city departments.
  • The city passes an ordinance every 10 years (most recently in 2008) that authorizes the Fiesta Commission to put on Fiesta each year.
  • City departments like Downtown Operations, Parks and Recreation, the Solid Waste Management Department, and the San Antonio Police Department work with the Commission and its member organizations on a number of operational needs including street closures, security and post-Fiesta cleanup.
  • Many Fiesta events, including the major parades, A Night in Old San Antonio, A Taste of New Orleans and the All-American Canteen, take place on city property.
  • The city even has its own Fiesta event–Earth Day.