Foxy Brown Net Worth 2022 – Her Highest Grossing Films and Songs

Foxy Brown Net Worth – $1.8 million

Foxy Brown is popularly known as a model, rapper, and an American actress. She is seen as a solo artist who excels in her field of work. Foxy is one of the leading rappers in America with net worth of $1.8 million.

Foxy Brown


Net Worth: $1.8 million
Profession: American Rapper
Born Date: 6 September 1978
Height: 5 Feet 2 Inch
Spouse: Spragga Benz
Children: C’yani
Citizenship: American

She started her career in 1995, by doing a debut in sixth studio album by LL Cool and J Mr. Smith.

She came from a very poor family and they always suffer from financial constraints. From then, she decided to be an artist and chose not to live in poverty. She recognized her talent and step into the world of music. While beginning her rap career she instantly gained fame and a good amount of money.

Collaboration with top-notch music artists gained her prominence in a very short period. She also released 3 full-length albums back to back.

Foxy Brown Net Worth and Her Work


She made her debut in the year 1995, with a sixth studio album.

In 1996, she was seen on the soundtrack from the film The Nutty Professor. Another feature in the same year was, “Ain’t No Higher” by Jay-Z and “Touch Me Tease Me” by Case.

Next year was a great success for the rapper. She released her first album “The Firm”. It was a great success and sold over 50,000 copies. With RIAA certification of her album, it became an overnight success.

In the same year, she joined MTV and hosted spring break festivities in Florida. She also joined Smokin Grooves hosted by the House of Blues.

Her second album was also released in 1999 called Chyna Doll. With great work, it ranked 1 on Billboard 200 album charts. It sold over 1 million copies.

Later in 2001, Brown released her third album “Broken Silence”. It ranked number 5 on Billboard with RIAA Certification. One of her single “BK Anthem” was a tribute to hometown Brooklyn and successful rappers like Jay Z and The Notorious B.I.G. Another single “Oh Yeah” featured Spragga Benz.

She also recorded a song for her film Rush Hour 2 which was an action-comedy, Blow my whistle. This hit song was a collaboration with a Japanese American singer-songwriter, Hikaru Utada.

Reportedly, 2002 was also a very successful year for Foxy Brown. She released her single “Stylin” which featured rappers like Gavin Loon, Birdman, and N.O.R.E.

In the following year, she has seen in “Too Much for Me” a very successful single from DJ Kayslay’s Street Sweeper’s Volume One Mixtape.

The next album was Dance with Luther Vandross. But during this period, she suffered from hearing loss. AT that time the singer refused to wear any hearing aid and after a lot of surgeries, she regained her hearing abilities.

Her first mixtape in her career was Brooklyn’s Don Diva.

In 2007, Brown came with her record The Black Rose Entertainment. Her first mixtape was released under this label.

She also worked with Ninja Minaj in pink Friday and made her presence on MTV Rapfix in the year 2013. She is currently working with King Soon Come on her new project.

According to the reports, Foxy Brown Net Worth is reportedly seen as $1.8 million from both her professional career as being an actress and a singer.

Highest Grossing Films of Foxy Brown!

  • Ill Na Na (1996): 1 million copies
  • Chyna Doll (1999): 844,000 copies
  • Broken Silence (2001): 553,000 copies
  • King Soon Come (2018)

Highest Grossing Songs of this Successful Singer!

  • I Need A Man
  • Oh Yeah
  • Candy
  • I Can’t
  • Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You)
  • K. Anthem


With her $1.8 million Net-Worth, she had made her place in this music field.  She is very well known in the industry as a solo artist.

Coming from a very poor family Brown sets a new example of how dedication and hard work can change your way of living. She with her sweat chose this life for herself and rejected the previous one. She also survived her medical emergency and fought back.

Her life journey is an inspiration for young talents like her who wants to step in this industry and do something for themselves.