Taylor Swift Net Worth 2022 – World’s Highest-Paid Singer

Taylor Swift Net Worth – $400 million

The title of America’s richest self-made female celebrity goes none other than Taylor Swift. With every album releasing, the fortune of Taylor Swift keeps increasing. She is the 60th richest celebrity with the estimated net worth of $400 million.

Taylor Swift

Source: bbci.co.uk

Net Worth: $400 million
Profession: American Singer and Songwriter
Born Date: 13 December 1989
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Not Known
Children: Not Known
Citizenship: American

Taylor Alison Swift is the foremost contemporary and flattering recording artist born in 1989. She beautifully narrates the songs about her personal life and has achieved global attention with her unmatchable talent.

At the small age of 14, Taylor moved to Tennessee to pursue country music and soon she became the youngest female artist signed by Sony/ATV music ever. Her self-titled album launched in 2006 was enlisted on number 5 in Billboard 200 and remained in the favorites chart for weeks.

The song ”Our Song” established her as the youngest female to write a number 1 song single headedly. This song rocked on the Hot Country Songs chart. In 2008, her second album named “Fearless” released and the two songs of the album, “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me”, this album undoubtedly became the best selling album of US in 2009.

Taylor won the “Album of the year” winner and 4 Grammy awards for this fabulous album.

Titles and Achievements that Contributed to Taylor Swift’s Net Worth

  • The bestselling album “Reputation” sold $2 million copies worldwide
  • Taylor is enlisted as one of the best selling music artists by selling more than 40 million albums globally with approximately 28 million solely in the US while 130 million songs downloaded globally
  • She is the receiver of Nashville Songwriters Association and Songwriters Hall of Fame
  • Taylor’s name was also enlisted in 2015 Rolling Stone’s edition of 100 greatest songwriters of all time
  • By far she has received 12 Country Music Association Awards, 6 Guinness world records, 23 Billboard Music Awards, 1 Emmy award, and 10 Grammy awards
  • Time’s 100 most influential people tag was awarded to her during 2010 as well as 2015
  • Forbes’s also entitled her as “Top-earning women in music”

Increasing Net Worth of Taylor Swift Year by Year

  • 2015-2016 – $170 million
  • 2017 – $280 million
  • 2018 – $320 million
  • 2019 – $320 million
  • 2020 – $365 million
  • 2021 – $400 million

A lot of people wonder that how much is Taylor Swifts net worth. In 2018 she has earned $5 million in sales record, $2.4 million through streaming and $2 million for publishing royalty.

Highest Grossing Albums of Taylor Swift

  • Taylor Swift – 5,700,000 sales
  • Fearless – 7,698,100 sales
  • Speak Now – 9, 811, 481 sales
  • Red – 11,256,081
  • 1989 – 18,008,220
  • Reputation – 6,982,976

Business Ventures of Taylor Swift

  • She is a real estate tycoon and consists of 8 properties in 4 different states worth $84million
  • She owns 3,240sqft condo worth $3million in Nashville and 5,600sqft Greek Estate worth $2.5million
  • In LA, Taylor has a home in Beverly Hills worth $2.85million. Along with this, she owns a Beverly Hills’ mansion worth $30million
  • In Rhode Island, she owns a seaside mansion worth $6.65 million. This property is 12,000sqft
  • She also owns a property in New York worth $40million. It is a huge 4 storey townhouse
  • She also owns 2 private Dassault jets worth $58million each
  • Apart from business ventures, she also donates for victims and social causes
  • Taylor Swift donated $100,000 to Nashville Symphony
  • She offered “Natural disaster support” by donating $1million to victims of Louisiana floods and $500,000 to Nashville flood relief and raised $750,000 for victims of tornadoes in southern us in 2011.
  • She has an education center named Taylor Swift education center for which, she donated $4million and also she has donated $50,000 to NYC schools

Movies of Taylor Swift

“The Giver”, “Taylor Swift: Bad Blood”, “The Lorax”, “The Hunger Games”

Endorsements of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has bagged some of the most reputed clients when it comes to endorsements. She endorses for CoverGirl, Diet Coke, Keds, Apple etc which brings her a lot of fortune. Since 2013, she advertises for Diet Coke.

Taylor also is involved in endorsements, brand partnerships and touring which is considered as the highest source of income for Taylor. Apart from her albums and business ventures, Taylor Swift also has done some movies that bring in some considerable income for her.

Tours of Taylor Swift

  • Her 1989 tour grossed $250+ in 2015 and she took her team of 125 members to Australia
  • Her current tour for Reputation has already made her earn $54 million for 5 shows and has become the highest grossing tours of any female singer
  • Not only the ticket sales but she also earns from $17 of merchandise each ticket
  • Forbes estimated that Taylor makes $1million a day
  • Reputation is today’s highest grossing Stadium tour. Taylor has brought home $191million and additional of $11m earned in Canada
  • She broke her own record of the highest grossing tour of 1989 world tour with which, she brought home $181 million domestically and $250 million from worldwide

In short, Taylor Swift’s net worth is increasing with every single passing day and this what makes her the world’s richest singer and actress.