L.A.P.D’s “Knock-Knock” and Celebrity Robberies

There was much news of robbery happening recently in the houses of Celebrity. Most of these victims like Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Alanis Morisette are vigorously frightened from it. The alleged task force L.A.P.D came with a new type of tactic force “Knock-Knock” to deal with robberies. They are strictly processed to aid special attention to Celebrity houses.

Source: djetlawyer.com

Why “Knock-Knock”?

The term “Knock-Knock” signifies a robbing tactics that burglars use to rob a house. A group of thieves consisting of three to four members visits a house. One of them goes to the front door and gives a Knock on it. When no one from inside the house answers then the front door person gives a signal to his other members. The other members try to find a way into the house through windows or open doors and rob the house.

Reason Stated for Robbery

It was stated in a press conference by Lieutenant Todd Handle that robberies are being held by organized criminal gangs. As the activities have gone wild recently and only one person is not able to perform it.

Lieutenant also continued that many of the activities occurred due to the presence of social media. He further said that the celebrities are posting their vacation pictures of where they are going and what they are doing there. This information helps the criminals to become active and make preparations for a robbery.

Numerous Robberies

February 18-19, House of Nick Young LA Lakers was robbed and thieves took valuable items with cash, approximately about $500,000.

Derek Fisher (Former Lakers), the house was looted and was robbed of Jewelry, valuables, and cash estimating worth $300,000.

Kendall Jenne, television artist and model, the home was broken and Jewelry items of worth $200,000 were taken away.

Nicki Minaj, singing sensation got robbed between 24th November – 24th January with valuables of amount $175,000 at her Beverly Hills House.

Cesar Milan, the star of “The Dog Whisperer” got his house broken into by robbers. They got inside the house through an open bathroom window and took away jewelry items and other valuables worth hundreds of dollars.

What will Happen Next?

What will be the next step is yet to be known. People want to know what their favorite Celebrities are doing. The celebrities also keep posting everything about their whereabouts on Social Media. L.A.P.D has taken action and the result of “Knock-Knock” is yet to be seen in near future.