Kathy Hilton’s Controversial Tweet about Jennifer Aniston’s Pregnancy

Is Jennifer Aniston going to have a baby? Seems like Kathy Hilton has an answer for it, she tweeted about Aniston being pregnant which eventually became a bigger news. All fans of Jennifer Aniston astonished to know if their favorite “Friends” actress being pregnant is true or not.

Kathy Hilton Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Tweet
Kathy Hilton Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Tweet

Jennifer was looking stunning when she walked down on the red carpet with Justin Theroux, in California for 2017 Oscars. Her black dress was a perfect fit, which had many eyes gazed on her. The dress was not making her belly area to look fat or bulky.  The couples were absolutely made for each other with so much love in their eyes.

The dress of Aniston featured an appealing neckline with a high incision. The event went catastrophic with emotions when she presents an emotional segment of Bill Paxton who took his last breath before the starting of the event. It made everyone to go into deep sorrow after having a great loss.

Aniston and her husband Aniston went to give their presence at 2017 Oscar Party held at Vanity Fair at the Centre for Performing Arts, Wallis Annenberg on the night of Sunday at Beverly Hills, California. The love couples were seen affectionately holding their hands.

Aniston was looking gorgeous under the dark light. She was standing, sitting and moving around and there were no signs to be seen that she is pregnant. Everything in her appearance was looking normal and beautiful like Aniston looks every day.

The Suspicious Tweet

Kathy Hilton Controversial Tweet

It must have been something or the other that ticked the mindset of Kathy Hilton. She might have sensed something obvious about Aniston. Maybe or maybe not it was a confusion that she had of Aniston carrying a baby in her womb.

Hilton is the mother of Nicky and Paris Hilton and is 57 years tweeted:

“Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful tonight I am telling you she is having a baby girl. 100/ percent!!!!!!!!!!!”

Since the tweet was out Fans went crazy to get more about the new pregnant celebrity. The tweet itself became a playground and Hilton didn’t answer any of the queries or changed re-tweeted anything.

The Real Fact

The celebrity Jennifer Aniston has been rumored pregnant many times in her career. The tweet got deleted and still, some might believe that the Tweet of Mrs. Hilton is true.