Pedro Tovar Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Pedro Tovar is a rising star making phenomenal achievements in the music industry through his outstanding musical skills. This young American influencer is from California, United States. He started working as a singer and songwriter at a very young age. His love for music has no limits. He has outstanding vocals and can play musical instruments as well.

Besides that, he is a famous social media celebrity for his unique Instagram reels and titok videos. Also, he has over 850,000 followers on his TikTok account. He is well known for his amazing lip-syncing videos and the funny content posts on his TikTok account.

Before his fame by his musical talent, he was already a favorite social media personality followed and loved by millions of people. Later he joined a music band known as Eslabon Armado. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the group.

Birthday and Age

pedro tovar birthday and age

Pedro Tovar was born on 22nd July 2002 in a Latin American family that lived in California, United States. He just turned twenty this year in July 2022. His zodiac sign is Cancer. He has a fair complexion with blonde hair. His eye color seems to be a very light shade of brown.

Weight and Height

  • The weight of Pedro Tavro is about 63kg.
  • He is about 5 feet and 5 inches tall.
  • His hobbies include gyming because he loves to keep himself fit.

Education and Music Background

He completed his education in the United States and learned music from his hometown. He was passionate about music from a very young age. His surprisingly good vocals paved his way in the music world.

He is a great vocalist and skillful in playing musical instruments, especially the guitar. Also, he has a talent for writing and composing music.

Popularity and Fame

He found his passion and talent for music at a very young age. He started showing his musical skills on his social media account first. He gained popularity through his TikTok videos and Instagram reels. He got overnight fame when his videos went viral on TikTok. He mostly posts funny and lip-syncs videos on his social media accounts.

Popularity and Fame

Social Media Handles

He is famous on social media platforms because of his interactive nature and funny video content. He is well-known on TikTok. His fanbase is majorly from social media. He uses the same social media handle for his Instagram and TikTok accounts which is @pedro.tovar007. He has about 1.1M followers on Instagram and 888.9K followers on his TikTok.

Music Band

In 2017, he and his brother Brian founded the music band Eslabon Armado. The band consists of three members Pedro Tavor, his brother Brian Tavor and a friend. The band produces songs based on various genres Mexican, Latin, and pop. The band is famous because of its pop songs and catchy beats.

In the initial years, the band released all of their songs on social media and youtube until Del Records officially signed them to work under their label in 2020. The band is famous for its Mexican music taste. Pedro himself writes most of the songs for the band.

His name is translated into English as “Linked Chain” after their contract with Del Records. The band has accomplished great success in a short period. Not only their debut, but their second album also received an overwhelming response and love from the audiences.

Music Career

He started music in his teenage years. He learned music to polish his skills. That made him successfully make his way by working in a band as a lead vocalist and guitarist. He debuted as a band officially with Del Records in 2020 with the same band.

He composed nine songs for his band till their debut. Soon after their debut as a band in 2021, they were honored with the Billboard music award for the Top Duo/ Latin group. He topped the Latin Billboard chart of songwriters with the song Vibras de Noche in 2020.


The band released their debut album Tu Veneno Mortal in early 2020. The band secured its position on the Top 10 songs and Music album charts. Their second album Corta Venas was a success like their first album and got the honor of being 2nd in all the great Latin albums.

Top 10 songs and Music album charts

The local music language, captivating beats, and genre of the band are one of the reasons for their success. The band is promoting regional music i-e Mexican.

The band is doing an appreciable job in promoting local language music globally. The band has received four No.1 on Mexican album charts since their debut.

The trio disbanded in 2021 when his friend left the group. This turn didn’t stop him from music; both members continued working as a band.

The group has recently marked its success with Billboard Music Awards. The new album of the group has achieved among the top 5 places in the Latin music charts.

Net Worth

He started his career with social media platforms. According to the reports for 2021, his net worth is about $400,000. He gained popularity in much fewer time thanks to his active routine on social media accounts TikTok and Instagram. A considerable portion of his income is from song composition, songwriting, singing, and social media posts.

Lately, Pedro Tovar’s net worth has been approximately $2 million. He is among very few young people who achieve big in less time. His lavish lifestyle includes a bungalow, a personal luxury car, and frequent world tours. However, it is evident that solely music is not contributing to his yearly earnings.

Many youngsters are making money digitally by using social media accounts. Pedro Tovar also earns through his TikTok videos and Instagram posts and stories. For the influencers, it is becoming easy and a good side source to make money from social media posts.


How did Eslabon Armado get famous

How much does Eslabon Armado charge per hour?

The estimated value of their live concert is said to be around $32.

How did Eslabon Armado get famous?

Although the pre-debut days of Pedro Tovar’s band are not exemplary, the group successfully made their way in the music world with their debut album charted on the biggest music charts. Their successful career since their debut made them famous.

What is the band name of Pedro Tovar?

He is also known as Linked Chain in English.


Pedro Tovar is a young and talented American Mexican pop musician. He can sing, write and compose songs as well. He is the lead vocalist and plays guitar for his band Eslabon Armado. He started as a social media influencer.

He gained unbelievable fame and overwhelming love after his debut song with the band. In just two years of his music career, he is among very few big achiever youngsters. His net worth is approximately $2 million. His social media account posts contribute to his yearly earnings and popularity.