Sonny Side Wife, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Discover the most thrilling story of Sonny Side and also the story behind why he is known as Sonny Side. Moreover, do you know why Sonny Side has never introduced his family on his youtube channel? And why has he kept his married life secret? So many questions!! Don’t worry, as I have brought answers to all the questions bombarding your mind.

Along with this, I have also brought some personal details about Sonny Side that no one yet knows. Get ready to find out the birthplace, school details, family life, and much more about this foodie guy. Here we will not only discuss sonny side’s height, weight, net worth, age, etc but also the struggles that made him what he is today. So let’s begin then.

Sonny Side’s age is 38 years as of 2022. He was born on August 22, 1984. He is from st. Cloud Minnesota, USA and has an American nationality. Moreover, the height of our beloved blogger is 5 feet and 8 inches and his weight is around 78 kgs. As he is a foodie he doesn’t care what he is eating and how many calories he is gaining.

Sonny Side’s real name is William Sonbushner, but he created his own name as Sony Side when he first started his youtube channel. This blogger has a wide fan following and this fan team touched the sky when he blogged about “The Best Ever Food Review Show” on Youtube. From this review, he gained immense popularity in 2010. Along with it, in 2020 he won a Webby award for “People’s Voice: the viral video of the year”.

Sonny Side grew up in st. cloud Minnesota and went to a local school and college for graduation. As per the report, he was flunked from three different colleges as he wasn’t showing any interest in his studies. When Sonny Side’s parents asked him what the reason behind his lack of interest was, he said that he wanted to join a school that could teach him filmmaking. He then joined a film-making school in the USA and after completing his studies he went to South Korea to make his career.


Sonny succeeded in his career and directed a few music videos and shows. But along with all this, he created his own channel on youtube which got famous in a very short period. On his youtube channel, he shares about various cuisines, traveling, food, cooking, etc. The most watched video on his youtube channel is” Eating With The World’s Most Isolated Tribe”.

Moreover, his youtube channel is the only channel that has access to Iran as well.

Along with this success and popularity, he has also been featured in various magazines and newspaper articles. Furthermore, Sonny Side has also launched restaurants and merchandise around the globe. Now the question running in your mind would be about his net worth, right? The net worth of Sonny Side is around $2 million USD which is tremendously increasing with his day-by-day increasing popularity.

Most people ask if Sonny Side is a family guy or not? Well yes, Sonny Side is totally a family guy. He is happily married and has two kids. Although he doesn’t find much time to spend with his family due to the nature of his work, whenever he has a free slot he takes his family out for a vacation.

You will not find any information regarding Sonny Side on Wikipedia as he has not attained much popularity right now. But the good news is I have shared everything in this article about him that you will not find anywhere else. Moreover, the sources are still on a way to finding more information about our beloved foodie, Sonny Side, and as soon as I find more information I will upload it. Till then stay tuned.



Which is the most frequently visited place on Sonny Side?

Sonny Side frequently visits Asian countries because these countries are famous for making unique kinds of foods.

Where does Sonny Side live?

Sonny Side never stays at a place due to his work but he has never disclosed the residential place of his family due to many reasons.

Do Sonny Side drink and smoke?

No, as per the report he does not drink nor smoke.


Sonny side is a self-made man who pursued his career in filmmaking by moving to South Korea. He has created enormous music videos and has started his own youtube channel which lifted his career to the next level in a very short time. He has also won awards for some of his youtube videos. His videos always have amazing content which inspires people. Lastly, Sonny Side is happily married and has two sons.