Julia Roberts Vs Sandra Bullock – Who Earns More?

A widely contested debate in the Hollywood industry rages over two of its most iconic celebrities – Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.

Their fans often grumble, whisper, and grit their teeth wondering the same question – which celebrity of the two is more successful? Well, the figures are murky, but this article will help you gauge the two personalities better.

Their Acting Career

Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts stunned the entire industry with how quickly she rose through the ranks. Having made her debut in 1987, in a lesser-known television series called Crime Story. What’s more, she wasn’t even a permanent character in this series, and only made a guest appearance. The following year, she managed to impress the audience with her fantastic performance in Mystic Pizza.

After this, Julia Roberts got the recognition that her talent deserved. She bagged an academy award nomination in 1989 for her convincing performance in Steel Magnolias. That is not all. It hadn’t even been a whole year before she starred in the critically acclaimed Pretty Woman. In this movie, Julia played the role of a hooker who falls in love with one of her clients. Her strong performance in the film earned her yet another academy award nomination. This is not the end of her long list of accomplishments, however, as Julia won the Oscar for her lead role in Erin Brockovich in 2001. 

Sandra Bullock

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Bullock’s progress to stardom was considerably slower. She landed her first job at 21, where she starred in No Time Flat, an off-Broadway production. She used positive reviews to get herself an agent, but her early career was intertwined with unsuccessful and embarrassing gigs. 

If you are a fan of theatre, you will probably be knowing about the box-office hit called Speed (1994) starring the legendary Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. It was the first movie that gave Sandra a big break that she deserved. After that, she starred in a series of flop movies that didn’t work well with the box-office expectations. 

In 2009, Sandra co-starred with Ryan Reynolds to produce another masterpiece which smashed the box-office records, earning $300 million across the world – The Proposal. But the most notable masterpiece that she produced is The Blind Side, based on a real story of the football player Michael Oher. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress and also the Global Globe award for her work. 

Who Earns More?

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Now the question that we had all been waiting for – which one of the two actresses earned more from their tenure in Hollywood? While there is no way clear way to determine the actual amount of money the two actresses made from all their films, we can get a clear estimate from their net worth –

Sandra Bullock net worth: $200 Million
Julia Roberts net worth: $250 Million

Based on their recent net worth, we can assume that Julia Roberts is richer than Sandra Bullock, leading a more lavish life. However, their net worth changes every year, making it a fierce competition between the two. For this year, though, Julia Roberts has a bit of an edge against Sandra Bullock.