5 Most Popular TV Shows of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a well-known face of Hollywood. It is difficult to find someone who watches English movies and T.V shows and doesn’t know this talented and one of the highest paid actresses.

Born Julia Fiona Roberts, she’s one of the most bankable actors of the American film industry. Julia Roberts Net Worth is around $250 million which make her one of the richest celebrity actress in the world. Known for her roles in movies like Pretty Woman, Sleeping with the Enemy, Eat Pray Love, she’s a recipient of 3 Golden Globes Awards. She also got nominated four times for the Academy Awards and won it for her role as Erin Brockovich.

Other than movies, viewers have also had the chance to see the acting prowess of Julia Roberts on Television. She has taken up guest appearances and full-time roles in several T.V shows. Here are the five most popular ones from the list:

Most Popular TV Shows of Julia Roberts

1. Homecoming

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Based on the podcast under the same name by Gimlet Media, Homecoming is a physiological thriller. It is directed by Sam Esmail, who’s popular for directing another popular show, Mr Robot. The series took shape exclusively for the network of Amazon Prime Video.

The film revolves around the journey of a woman, Heidi Bergman, with no memory of her past. Heidi was involved with a homecoming project for veterans by the Geist Group as a social worker. After a few years of leaving the job, she finds out there’s more to the story she remembers of her life at the centre years back.

Julia Roberts starred in the 1st season of this popular T.V show.

2. Nature

Nature is a documentary series created by George Page and Thomas Lovejoy focusing on the ecosystem and wildlife. It has 591 episodes running for 38 seasons.

Julia Roberts starred in the first episode of season 19, named ‘Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts’. In this episode, she goes to live with the nomads of Mongolia and shows the relationship between them and the wild horses.

3. Friends

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The famous American sitcom created by David Caine and Martha Kauffman revolves around the lives of six friends, living in New York. The popular show ran for ten seasons and is known to have a cult following.

Fans of this show will remember Julia Roberts’ guest appearance in the episode, The one after the Super Bowl, Part 2. She played the role of Susie Moss, a girl, who Chandler makes fun of in school. She dates him for a brief period in the episode.

4. Law and Order

Law and Order is a famous American legal drama series created by Dick Wolf that ran for 20 seasons. The story revolves around several crimes, mostly murders from the vantage points of detectives and prosecutors in court.

Roberts played the role of Katrina Ludlow, in the episode titled ‘Empire’ from the ninth season.

5. Miami Vice

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Created by Anthony Yerkovich, Miami Vice is a renowned detective drama from the eighties. It revolved around the story of James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, two detectives solving crimes in Miami. Julia Roberts was seen in episode 22 of season 4, as the character of Poly Wheeler. She’s the manager of an art gallery run by the drug lord, Miguel Manolo.